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Megeve, whose name means “in the midst of waters” is in fact an enchanting mountain resort situated among two rivers in Haute Savoie, south-eastern France.

It is the perfect union between a luxury ski resort and a picturesque village of the Alpi, with its authentic charme. Megeve has 445 km of ski slopes with the majestic Monte Bianco as breathtaking background. Originally it hosted the French aristocracy, it remains one of the favourite ski resorts for Parisian jet set, that is the reason why Jean Cocteau named Megeve “XXI arrondissement de Paris”.

As destination of international elite tourism, Megeve boats 9 five star Hotels, 5 award winning restaurants, Casinò, many luxury SPA and an altiport,. It is located at only 48 km of distance from Geneve, 137 km from Lyon and 200 km from Milan.


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