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Need to break away from the stressful hustle and bustle of modern life? Free your body and spirit in a land of legends and Gods, so diverse and relaxing for an ideal escape from the rush and routine. Sense ancient in spirit and timelessly charming Crete, the most southern part of Mediterranean Europe. The crystal-clean turquoise waters sparkling under the dazzling sun and splashing over its white-sand or volcanic beaches make this vacation spot even more appealing and heavenly beautiful. Feel Cretan authentic and genuine flair unwinding on a luxury getaway to its lower coast.

Unlike the overcrowded north of the island, this serene nook of Greece is a true oasis of tranquility and bliss unspoiled with the mass tourism. Its tiny old villages exude laidback ambience, the magnificent barren mountains seem even more desolate. This is where you can relish the colors, sounds, aromas and essence of Crete. Enjoy the contrasting beauty of all parts of the island, lavish lifestyle in its prime resorts, opulent villas and boutique hotels, savour delectable traditional cuisine and find absolute peace of mind in a bespoke and fascinating adventure – with the Sun Secret Collection you will discover the most valuable treasures of this little Paradise.